Want To Lose Stubborn Lower Belly Fat? 7 Mistakes You’re Making

Losing stubborn lower belly fat is hard. People will tell you, “Take in fewer calories than you burn” – as if the body is a math equation. But the truth is fat reduction is not that easy. Many factors can affect fat elimination, such as stress levels or hormonal problems. I’ll discuss seven common mistakes that might be preventing you from getting rid of abdominal fat.

You don’t get enough sleep

Not sleeping enough might make it harder to burn fat. When we doze off, we secrete leptin, a hormone that contributes to feeling full. When we are awake, we produce another hormone, ghrelin, which promotes hunger and craving for fatty and sweet products.

One study indicated that men who slept for more than 4 hours had more ghrelin and less leptin compared to those who got 10 hours of sleep. If you’re not sleeping enough, you’ll experience over-reactivity of ghrelin. As a result, your appetite will increase.

To get enough sleep, go to bed at the same time. Don’t eat right before resting and sleep in a dark room.  If you sleep better, it will be easier to burn belly fat.

You have a hormonal problem

Hormone imbalance can also sabotage your efforts to get rid of abdominal fat. For example, an underactive thyroid gland can affect metabolism. Other hormones that can make it harder to shed pounds off your waist are growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, and DHEA.

Hormonal problems can occur for several reasons. This includes a lack of vitamins or menopause in women. See your doctor to get hormonal problems diagnosed so that it is easier for you to burn stubborn lower belly fat.

You are stressed

Stress increases levels of a hormone called cortisol which increases appetite and causes the body to store fat. The circumstances that have led to the increase in stress may also cause poor eating habits. For instance, if you’re working long shifts, you may not find the time to exercise.

If you think stress is making it hard for you to lose weight, see your doctor. Counseling can also help you learn how to cope with worry. When your anxiety levels are under control, you’ll be able to lose your belly fat.

You keep eating sugar without realizing it

If you eat more sugar than your muscles and liver can store as glycogen, the excess will be converted to fat. But sometimes you don’t realize that you are still eating foods high in sugar. For example, you might be consuming soft drinks, fruit juices, or sauces that are full of sugar!

Most sugary foods don’t provide any nutritional value. They’re loaded with sugar, which will cause an increase in your blood sugar levels.  This can leave you feeling tired and hungry. 

Swap the sugary foods with full-fat foods and whole foods. When you reduce or eliminate sugar, the storage of fat will decline slowly. This will allow you to burn that stubborn lower belly fat.

You are not drinking enough water

Water is essential for hydrating the body and keeping its systems functioning properly. It also helps you feel full and stop cravings from unhealthy foods and sugar.

In addition, water contains no calories, suppresses appetite, and may help you burn more calories. Drink a large glass of water to temporarily get rid of the craving. If you eat less, you will be able to shed excess abdominal fat over time.

You are not consuming enough protein

Eating lean protein can increase your metabolism rate and help you burn your belly fat. It also increases the feeling of satiety, which prevents you from snacking between meals.

If you are trying to get rid of stubborn fat, stock up on protein. Healthy options include nuts, eggs, soy, beans, and low dairy fat. Eating or drinking products that are high in protein will help you lower abdominal fat and build muscle.

You are not eating “good” fats

Some fats are “essential” because our body needs them! They also have the advantage of being filling. So, if you want to lose fat continue to eat foods high in unsaturated fats such as nuts, avocados, or olive oil, but in moderation! 


If you avoid these common mistakes, it will be easier to get rid of abdominal fat. Another fast way to get rid of stubborn belly fat is to schedule an Emsculpt NEO session at Soroka Lose Inches. The treatment is highly effective for reducing fat and building muscle in the abdomen. Book your first session worth $950 for FREE on +1 860-916-8551


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