Emsculpt Neo: Revolutionary new way to slim the core

Emsculpt Neo: Revolutionary New Way To Slim The Core

The only FDA-cleared treatment that addresses the two main components of the body—fat, and muscle—Emsculpt NEO is an effective non-invasive fat reduction treatment. Studies show that on average, Emsculpt NEO increases muscle by 25% and decreases fat by 30%. This places it into a category of its own, making it one of the most effective […]

Why you should consider non-invasive fat burning


Sometimes, no matter what we do there are areas of our body that seem to be resistant to diet and exercise. Luckily, today there are innovative solutions to get rid of stubborn fat without undergoing surgery! The demand for non-invasive fat burning in Connecticut has increased over the years. The treatments are based on radiofrequency, […]

EmSculpt NEO: The revolutionary body sculpting treatment

EmSculpt NEO: The revolutionary body sculpting treatment

If you have already tried EmSculpt, you might understand why it has been the number one body sculpting treatment in the aesthetics industry since it came out in 2018. But there is something even better – EmSculpt NEO. In 2020, BTL introduced EmSculpt NEO, which produces even better results. So, what are the differences between […]