Get a ripped body this summer

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Most of us are excited about summer, but not so much about how we look during summer. Here are some ideas on what you need to do to lose fat and build muscle fast this summer. 

What is the perfect summer body?

Everyone has a definition of the perfect summer body, but it’s all about being comfortable in your skin. It is also about setting goals for yourself and knowing that you can achieve those goals. Having said that, here is what you need to do to get a body that you will be proud of this summer.


Sleep is one of the crucial aspects for not only staying healthy but also having a great physique.  During sleep, your muscles recover, your metabolism reenergizes, and your mind refreshes.  When you don’t get the optimal seven to nine hours of sleep, your hunger goes up. You’ll be tempted to eat all day long, which will show on your physique.  

Walk a lot

If you are going somewhere that is less than two miles away, walk there.  Don’t be lazy and get into a car.  Also, don’t wait for the elevators when you can easily take the stairs.  If you are vacationing near the water – sea or river – try walking in the water. Water has more resistance than air.  So, walking in the water requires more effort, which will shape your legs and thighs faster. 

Eat well

Starving yourself is not the right way to lose fat and gain muscle. Your brain will automatically slow your metabolism down thinking that you are starving.  So, try to eat a balanced diet this summer. It’s not solely about calories, if you eat food that has a lot of salt, you are going to have water retention, which will cause you to look puffy.

In addition to eating a balanced diet, drink lots of water. When you are dehydrated, it hurts your performance, increases the risk of injury, and hurts your circulation. Your skin is also going to look dry if you are not hydrated. And you will not get the good summer body that you are looking for. 


You need to exercise if you want to reach your perfect summer body.  There are two basic categories of exercise: weight loss and weight gain. If you are interested in weight loss,  focus on cardio and weight training. Weight training allows you to build up your muscle mass. Not only will this helps you look good, but you’ll also burn more calories throughout the day, even when you’re not exercising. It would also help to book an Emsculpt Neo session to help burn an equivalent of 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes.

For cardio, lose your grandpa’s exercise plan and focus on high-intensity interval training.  This entails engaging in a period of intense training for about 60 seconds followed by a period of less intense exercise for about four minutes. Those intervals can change based on your athletic ability by the principle stays the same.

Build muscle by doing what you do on vacation 

Building muscle does not mean excessive sweating and heavy lifting. There are several exercises that will strengthen your arms and that are completely appropriate for the beach. For example, you can shape your upper body better by doing some strength exercises with two small water bottles that you have filled with sand. 

On the beach, try to change position without using your hands.  You can lie down, get up, or lie on your stomach when you’re on your back. All these movements need you to use your abs. If you do this consistently, you will build muscle quickly!

Beach games 

There are dozens of them. Swimming in the sea is of course, in itself, a physical exercise. You can also play beach volleyball or frisbee with those around you. If you’re on vacation with children, it’s even easier.  You can play ball, run to catch the waves or improvise a tug of war when putting away the beach towels. Your imagination is the limit!

And of course, it is often possible to practice a sport at the sea (or near a water point): paddling, surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Bottom line

The most important thing when building muscles during summer is to rediscover the pleasure of physical activity. You will get inspired by these pleasant sensations. I wish you the best!


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