6 Ways To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

As we are coming closer to the holidays when everybody is excited about the festive vibes,  meeting relatives, and having a family fun time amidst all the excitement, “holiday weight gain” is buzzing around the head, isn’t it? It’s the time of year when everyone is eating more and exercising less and everyone has their own weight gain story!

Every year, we all go through this. We try to avoid the extra pounds, chicken wings, and coffee cakes that left us feeling bloated and guilty a few weeks later. But in the end, it seems inevitable – at least for most of us anyway. So how can we lessen the gain in weight during this festive season?  We understand your concern hence we are here to help you deal with holiday weight gain so you can have a happier and stress-free holiday.  

Is holiday weight gain temporary?

The myth that most people gain five pounds during the holidays is just that—a myth. Very few people gain that much weight. The weight gain comes after the holidays when people are not as careful about what they eat or how much they exercise.

How to avoid holiday weight gain? –  5 simple tips

Holiday weight gain is a major problem for many people. If you’re someone who tends to gain weight when you get home from vacation, here are some tips on how to avoid it this year. All these tips are too easy and possibly naive to even bother with it. However, if you follow a few guidelines, you can help yourself fight “holiday weight gain” while still enjoying all the holiday treats!

Plan your meals

This is probably the most important part of your eating plan during this time. If you do not plan your meals, you can eat whatever is ordered on your table. Don’t be a buffet glutton – Buffets are notorious for enticing a binge of food. Feel free to have one plate of food but keep it moderate. If possible, try to cook your food at home instead of eating out all day long! You can also order in rather than go out for pizza or Chinese takeout if that’s what you’re craving this holiday season (just make sure to get veggies with it!).

Eat Wisely

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead of high-fat desserts and candy. Make sure you’re getting enough protein at every meal. Don’t eat large portions at one time, and try to eat smaller meals throughout the day instead of three big ones in the morning, noon and night. Have a healthy snack before dinner is served so that you don’t end up eating more than intended at dinner time.

Drink water

Water will prevent you from overeating and also aid in digestion. A glass of water before each meal will keep you from overeating later on. Drink lots of water before every meal that contains a lot of fat or protein (such as eggs).  If you don’t like the taste, try sparkling water or adding a slice of lemon or lime to your glass.

Say “no” to sugar

Avoid adding sugar to your beverages, find a Splenda or some other artificial sweetener. Any nutritionist or any diet for weight loss you follow, the first thing they ask for is,  “giving up sugary drinks”. Sugar can make you crave more food than you need and cause your blood sugar levels to spike after just one meal. Give up sugary drinks like sodas and alcohol entirely during the holidays when you might be tempted by unhealthy treats like cookies and cakes. Try substituting them with water instead.

Move around

Take an active role in your holiday celebration by getting off the couch and moving around!  Instead of watching television shows or movies with family, try going out for a walk with them or plan an early morning yoga, Zumba, or dance session. This will help you burn more calories than sitting on the couch all day long. 

Take Naps 

During the holidays, many people struggle with a lack of sleep. This may cause weight gain because those who do not sleep enough tend to be hungrier and consume more calories. Sleep restriction can increase your hunger hormone levels, leading to higher calorie intake. Additionally, inadequate sleep has been linked to lower metabolism. 

Wrapping Up

Holiday weight gain is real; it exists, and it’s important to take steps to avoid it. Don’t beat yourself up if it happens, but do try to make changes going forward to realize the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. And if you do end up gaining a little extra holiday weight, don’t worry, there’s always next year!

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